August 19, 2011 

To whom it may Concern,

SAE Circuits Colorado, Inc., has elected to exclusively and only use Gardien Testing Services, Inc. of Boulder, Colorado. They are contracted to test 100% of our product requiring electrical test.   

They have a wide range of equipment that covers any type of electrical test parameters, and type of testing required which includes, dual grid/double density bed of nails testing equipment to state of the art flying probe testers and one, of only a handful of board scanners, on the globe, to minimize test points on a flying probe tester and more. This also includes Hi-pot testing.  

They have an experienced management and personnel team, who have proved themselves to be efficient and knowledgeable in all facets of engineering and test operations and meet their delivery commitments too.  

They have proven to be a self sufficient, high tech testing service and we look forward to many more years of excellent service they have provided to our organization.   

With all my respect,  

Gary Warner Director,
Quality Assurance
SAE Circuits Colorado, Inc.